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Hildy Gottlieb is a social scientist and asker of powerful questions. She is the co-founder of Creating the Future, a living laboratory for accomplishing social change, where she has earned the title Chief Boundary Pusher – urging individuals, organizations and communities to build systems that bring out the best in each other and our world. 

In addition to her role at Creating the Future, Hildy is a TEDx speaker, a contributor to  The Huffington Post, and the creator and host of the Making Change podcast, in partnership with the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

All Hildy’s work is rooted in a combination of research and practical experience, built upon her decades as both a consultant and a serial social entrepreneur. Hildy helped develop the current Masters degree program in Community Leadership at Duquesne University (pron. Dew-cáyne), where she and her partner, Dimitri Petropolis, have taught as professors. The team also co-founded the world’s first Diaper Bank, sparking the diaper banking movement across North America, and garnering them a Points of Light Citation from President Bill Clinton. 

Hildy’s best-selling books on the nuts and bolts of social change have all become industry standards and are used as texts in both undergraduate and graduate programs around the world. (You’ll find a list of those books at the bottom of this page).

When not working, Hildy can be found in the garden, at the movies, shooting photos, or watching the Daily Show.

Hildy began her career as the legislative aide to Tucson City Council Member Tom Volgy (pron. Vol-jee). After leaving politics, Hildy started and operated several successful for-profit ventures, including a commercial construction company, a plant nursery, and along with Dimitri, a commercial real estate brokerage, management and business turnaround firm.

In 1993, Hildy and Dimitri co-founded the consulting firm Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes, assisting community organizations with strategy, governance and resource development. By 1998, Hildy and Dimitri had grown frustrated with the lack of significant community improvement being created by “nonprofit” community benefit organizations around the world. Aiming their business turnaround skills at social change and leadership systems themselves, the result has been the world-changing work now being advanced by Creating the Future.

Hildy’s books* include:
The Pollyanna Principles: Reinventing ‘Nonprofit Organizations’ to Create the Future of Our World
FriendRaising: Community Engagement Strategies for Boards Who Hate Fundraising but Love Making Friends
Community Engagement Step-by-Step Action Kit
Board Recruitment & Orientation: A Step-by-Step, Common Sense Guide

* Please note: Proceeds from book sales via these links help to benefit Creating the Future!


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