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Please share your thoughts and insights as you read and apply the Pollyanna Principles.


  1. Hildy’s asset-based approach and well-thought-out and well-articulated principles, delivered with such passion, are exactly what we need today amid so much economic uncertainty. Through her books (Pollyanna Principles in particular), talks, and facilitation work here on our university campus, she has inspired forward thinking and excitement about how we can achieve our goals to improve our community. That’s no small feat even in the best of times, and quite astonishing in this era of painful budget cutting. Thank you, Hildy!

    Jenny Flynn

  2. This should be required reading for every community board and board member. If so, they would have the guts to accomplish the vision they set out with strong community support, unsullied by vested interest groups or politics.

    Now comes the challenge to educate the uninitiated on the Pollyanna Principles. For one (drop), this begins with me.

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